She A Kipa


Honoring the ‘āina and each other. 


Volunteering and promoting waste reduction to preserve our planet’s oceans. 


Our shop donates directly to non-profits that maintain the health and sustainability of our beaches and shorelines.

Yep, SheAKipa!

SheAKipa was created as a direct channel to give back to the land and oceans that keep us thriving, exploring, and connecting. SheAKipa is an ode to Ho’okipa Beach, Maui to keep aloha in our grocery stores, cafe’s and most importantly along our shorelines. Remember, we will be the ancestors of this piece of Earth, so let’s connect and stay connected. Cause, well, “Our ‘āina, she a kipa!”

Check out da shop. Profits are donated directly to local non-profits to help keep our home no ka ‘oi

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Lahaina Fires

Here are some easy ways to support the families and communities tragically effected by Maui fires.

Lahaina's NOT for sale

Purchase a shirt and adopt a Maui family impacted by the fire. 

Self Care First

Enhance the mind and body through conscious and controlled breathing that targets the central nervous system, influencing your physical, mental and emotional states.

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